Fair Distribution Tutorial

Run your first fair distribution

Fair distribution is being removed in favor of currency inflation. Inflation has a very similar distribution mechanism but requires less administration and has better overall incentives. See more at Currency Inflation.

Creating the Distribution

To supplement your ability to mint coins to people, you can also create a distribution round. This feature needs at least one coin holder to work. It will allow all coin holders to participate in tipping others through "likes". When the round ends anyone who received a like will earn 1 coin per like. Try it by doing /distribution create.

After entering an amount, hit enter, and your round will be staged. Its not started yet and no-one can see it. You should see a breakdown of the distribution, along with commands you can use while its running.

Starting the Distribution

Once created, you have the ability to cancel it before it starts or start it to make it visible to everyone. Press the start button to start the round:

Once started, everyone in the channel will see a message explaining the round and how to use it.

Checking Balance

Once a round is started see your balance with /distribution balance

Seeing Stats

We can see in our case, we have 10 likes to give away, and have received 0 likes. In this example no-one else has any likes to give since we were the only coin holder when the round started. You can inspect this with /distribution about

Managing Likes

You can now "like" someone with /distribution like. Hit enter, select a user to like, and optionally an amount to like, by default it will send just 1. Unlike coin minting, you cannot send a like to yourself. Once submitted, the recipient will get a notification they were liked.

If you made a mistake, you can always do /distribution unlike to remove the like and return it to your balance to be sent to someone else.

Realms can also monitor emojis, and by default the 👍 reaction on a message within the realm will give one like to the message creator. You have the ability to remove it as well, and returning the like to your holdings to give to someone else.

Ending the Round

You have full control over when the round ends. There is no guarantee all likes have been distributed, but thats ok. When the round ends any likes earned by members will be turned into coins, and you can start a new round whenever you are ready!

End the round with /distribution stop or press "Stop round" on the widget in the chat. You should see a breakdown of who earned what, and your top earners, holders and givers. At this point new coins will be minted increasing the supply of total coins in circulation, which you can check with /coin about.

Congrats, you have just run your first automatic coin distribution!

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