đŸ“ŖWhy Realms?

Make your community fun and productive with less work!

🤔 The Problem

Online communities can be a lot of work to manage, and harder still to harness in productive ways. Without good dedicated people and ways to compensate and recognize hard work, it may be impossible to achieve your vision of what your community could be.

This is why we built Realms. We think communities should be fun, and make complex goals easy to achieve. Realms mixes some familiar concepts with new ideas to allow you to guide the community with as much or as little control you want!

💰 Reward

You need a way to reward your community. Realms offers a very simple way to spin up a new coin whenever you need it. These coins can be initially controlled by administrators, and given away manually by minting them to community members as a reward for doing productive things. Once your realm gets established, allow others to give rewards as well!

⚡ Energize

Give your community a fun way to engage with each other. Empower your community by turning on our unique automatic coin distributions, which gives all coin holders the ability to "like" others. These likes turn into coins at the end of the distribution, which creates a fun way for community to give gratitude to others, while organizing and reinforcing good behavior without direct management by admins.

🤝 Unify

Come to group decisions easier, faster and fairer. Once your community holds coins, group decisions become simple. With our built in voting system a realm can come to consensus on important decisions quickly and easily. Votes can be configured to reward participants, restrict who can participate, or even put participants coins at risk of loss! Choose the kind of vote that best fits the type of decision at stake.

🧑‍đŸ”Ŧ Specialize

Organize your community into specialized groups. Naturally as a community grows, so does the need for specialized roles. Spin up a new realm whenever and wherever you need it, and give it its own unique mission. Take your hands off the wheel and let your specialists harness all the same features as your main realm to organize and incentivize their own work in private.

🏆 Recognize

Recognize and celebrate your hardest working members. Don't let people fall through the cracks and go unnoticed! Realms aren't games in the traditional sense, but the coins you collect require strategy and thought to earn. These coins will build your influence and reputation within the realm. Once earned, our reporting features can help you discover exceptional members, unlock privilege's, reward or give recognition to individuals within the community.

👑 Govern

Lead your community however you think is best. Realms can be managed in almost any way you want. We support your option to be completely in control of the realm, to relinquish total control to your community, or any level in between. We just provide the framework and the basic tools: coins and voting, along with some carefully designed mechanisms we think can get you started on the right track to find your own management style and organizational structure.

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