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Get started with Realms as a Discord Admin


Ensure Realms is installed in your server Install Realms and you are an admin of the Discord server.


We have a dedicated section to Discord permissioning: Discord Permissions.

Create Your First Realm

When you are ready to begin, find or create a channel you want to designate for your first realm and type "/realm create" and hit enter. This will create a realm inside the channel. To interact with this realm, all commands must be issued here. More information on commands.

Add Realm Admins

When a realm is created, it automatically finds Discord admins and adds them as admins of the realm. You can also add other admins. These admins have power to do anything within the realm, such as minting coins, burning coins, creating votes and distribution rounds. If there are any non Discord admins you want to add as admins of the realm use "/realm add_admin" and search for the user you want to add.

Minting Coins

Each realm has a currency which you have full control over by using the "/mint" and "/burn" commands. Users need to have coins to be able to interact with the realm. To start, lets give admins some coins. Do a "/mint admin 10" to give 10 coins to all admins in the realm.

Coin Statistics

At any time you can see the top coin holders in the realm using "/coin about". This acts somewhat like a leaderboard to see who are the most influential people in the realm.

Create a Vote

You can now create a vote and have any coin holders participate. Type "/vote create <description> <option_1> <option_2>". Where description is the text users will see when they are voting, and option 1 and 2 are the options they can vote on. Once the vote is created, its only visible to you, but a few buttons should be available.

Open the Vote

When a vote is created, its not public yet. This allows you to stage multiple hidden votes until you are ready to reveal them. Press the "Start Voting" button, this will open it up to all coin holders. Alternatively you can use the "/vote open <vote>" command.

See Vote Status

Votes progress is visible by using the "/vote about <vote>" command. You must search through all votes to find the particular vote you are interested in. Vote status will tell you how many coins have been used to vote, and how many people voted. This will let you judge if there has been enough participation.

Close the Vote

End the vote and finalize the results by using "/vote close <vote>" or by scrolling to find the "Close Vote" button in the chat window. Closing the vote prevents any more votes from coming in, and shows you a summary of the results, which you can also check with "/vote about <vote>".

Reward Voters

Realms has the option to retroactively reward vote participants using the "/mint vote <vote> <amount>" command. This allows you to give active and participating users a way to earn more coins. Use this command, and select the vote you did. Inputting an amount is optional, so you can omit it to give all vote participants 1 coin.

Distribute More Coins

Realms has a feature to allow coin holders to mint new coins in a controlled way using distribution rounds. Only admins can create the round using "/distribution create <amount>". The amount of coins put here will be the maximum amount of coins minted when the round closes. Try creating a round with 100 coins. Once created you have the option to cancel or open it. use "/distribution open" to make it accessible to everyone.

Liking Peers

Once a distribution round starts, each coin holder gets an allowance to mint new coins by liking their peers using emojis 👍 or by using "/distribution like <user> <amount>". Unlike the mint command, which mints coins instantly, distribution rounds only mint coins at the end of the round. Use the 👍reaction to any messages in the realms channel, this will give authors 1 like, which will convert to 1 coin at the end of the round. Suggest that people in the channel send messages and react to them using 👍.

Distribution Progress

Anyone can see general statistics about the distribution round. This includes who is the most liked, who has liked other the most, and who has the most likes left to give. See this using "/distribution about".

End the Distribution

Ending the distribution round effectively stops the "liking" process, and turns any likes received directly into coins for the user. Use "/distribution stop" or find the button to stop the round in the chat. This will show a summary of who earned what.

Changing Reaction Emojis and Values

By default distribution rounds use the thumbs up emoji 👍reaction to messages, to signal that the reactor wants to give a like to the author. This can be customized for all realms by using "/settings". If you want to remove this default, use "/settings <emoji> <value>" where emoji is ":+1: " and value is "0". A value of zero removes an emoji from the list of reactions. If you want to add a new one, you use the same command and set any emoji you like for example emoji=:fire: and value=10.


This hopefully gives you a basic overview of how to use Realms features and what they do. There are more options to explore, and its up to you to decide how best to apply these tool to your community. If you have any questions, problems, or even requests for new features head to our contacts page and let us know: Contact.

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