Discord Command Tutorial

Understand the basics of commands in Discord

About Discord Commands

Commands are a common way to interact with Discord bots. Realms relies on commands heavily to interact with the Realm Bot. Only you and the bot will see commands you type, they are totally private.

Commands start by typing in the chat input box, the same as any message, but by starting the message with / (forward slash). This will allow you to start searching for commands, and selecting one through TAB, ARROW UP/DOWN and ENTER keys on the keyboard. You can also use the mouse to simply click a command to select it.

Commands can sometimes run without any other input, but some commands will need additional input from you. For example it may need to know a target user you are trying to apply the command to. These additional fields are usually called options, parameters or arguments of the command. Discord commands will let you know if you need additional arguments, and will provide a box in the chat to enter them. Some arguments may even allow to to search (for example for users in your guild).

Once you understand the basics, commands become a really fast and easy way to manage Realms.

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