Realm Tutorial

Spin up your first Realm

The Realms Bot is controlled by Discord chat commands, these will start with slash: /.

Navigate to a channel you would like to bind to a realm and use /realm create in the chat, and hit enter. You have now created your first realm.

This realm is bound to the channel you created it in, and won't be available anywhere else. In order to do anything with the realm, you must be in the channel that is linked to a realm. /realm about will tell you if the current channel you are in is bound to a realm.

Deleting the Realm

Deleting a realm is permanent and not recoverable, use at your own risk.

Its as easy to delete the realm as it is to make it. If you need to start over for whatever reason, make sure you are in the channel bound to the realm you want to delete, and type /realm delete.

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