đŸ§¯Installation Issues

Common issues and fixes when using Realms

Some guilds have complex permissions, or moderation tools that may interfere with normal operation of Realms. If you need some help on configuring the correct permissions on the Realms Bot, see Discord Permissions.

Wick Bot

Realms will often notify channels during distribution rounds, and show a list of users participating. This can cause mass mentions, which is automatically blocked by Wick, we suggest whitelisting the Realms bot so that these announcements will work.

Direct Messages

The Realms Bot sends a lot of direct messages to users to notify them of balance changes or other activities in the realms they are a part of. Users often have direct messages disabled. If you want to receive these updates we suggest you enable "allow direct messages from server members" in the "Privacy & Saftey" settings.

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