All Role Promotion Commands

Manage your automatic role promotions

promotion create

Create a new auto promotion rule in a realm where you specify the minimum amount of coins a user must hold to earn the role, as well as if the role can be lost if balance goes under that limit. Once created promotions are announced in the channel they were created in.

Promotions only look at the coins of the realm they were created in, and only 1 role can have a promotion rule at a time.

Demotions will remove a role if coin balances fall under the limit.

promotions edit

Change an existing promotion, including changing what channel promotions get announced in. Be careful with enabling demotions, as this will remove roles people have earned if their balances no longer meet minimum requirements.

promotions about

Discover all running promotions in the realm and in other realms in the guild.

promotions delete

Delete a running promotion. It can always be created again. This does not affect any roles earned, only prevents automatic promotions from happening in the future.

promotions pause_role

If you don't want to delete the promotion, you can pause it and resume it at any time. Pausing just prevents the system from automatically giving out the role.

promotions resume_role

Resume a previously paused role.

promotions pause_all

Pause all promotions in one command. Does not affect existing roles.

promotion resume_all

Resume all promotions in one command.

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