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Getting started with Realms as a user


If Realms is installed on a Discord guild you are a part of, then this tutorial will help you get started with how to get the most out of it.

Find a Realm

Realms are connected to Discord channels, check with an admin of the guild to find out which channels have a realm linked to them. Once you do, join the channel to see if you have access to realm commands by typing "/realm" and seeing if Discord shows you a list of other related commands.

If you can see these commands, you are good to go, if not, talk to an admin to fix the permissions for access to Realms commands.

Check the Realm

See basic information about the realm using "/realm about". This will show you who the admins are and what the current mission of the realm is. A mission is the current goal for everyone in the realm.

Check your Coins

Each realm has its own coin currency. In order to participate in realm activities you must hold some coins. Check your balance with "/coin balance". If you want to earn more coins, ask an admin on how you can earn some. Even if you don't have any coins, you could still earn some at any time.


Admins can create new votes. To participate in votes you must hold some coins. Keep an eye out in the channel for new votes that look like this:

From here just click on the option you want to vote for and enter an amount of coins to weight your selection. An admin will determine when the vote will end and rewards given to voters.

Distribution Rounds

A distribution round can be started by an admin, and gives you an opportunity to earn more coins and mint more coins. Learn more about the mechanics here: Fair Distribution. Understand that during the round, you may be given "likes". Check your balance with "/distribution balance", this will show you how many likes you have earned, and how many you can give away.

Liking Others

Earning Likes

You do not need to hold any coins to earn likes. Generally you earn likes by participating in discussions in the realm channel according to the realms mission. This gives others the opportunity to like you. Look at the most influential users in the round with "/distribution about", and see who has the most likes to give out. You can also talk to your admin to figure out the best way to earn likes. When the round ends, any likes you earn will be converted into coins.


Your job as a realm citizen is to try to earn as many coins as you can by participating in the realm and realm activities. Use these coins to influence decisions through voting, and the power structure through distribution rounds. Look to your admins for guidance on what the realm is trying to accomplish. Become and admin of your own realm by starting a new Discord guild and installing Realms! Install Realms

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