Basic Voting Tutorial

Create consensus for decisions within the realm

Voting is very simple within realms. First go to a discord channel that currently has a realm enabled, and type /vote create.

Creating a vote

You can see here you must provide more information. The description is the prompt you want your realm to see in order to know how to vote, and you must have at least 2 options which people can choose from.

This is all you need to begin a vote! Hit enter and the vote will be staged for you to manage. At this point no-one else can see it yet, until you hit start.

Hit "start voting" and the vote will go public. At any time you want to end the vote, hit "close vote". If you want to avoid any effects of the vote ending, hit cancel, and the outcome of the vote wont be published any noone will gain or lose coins.

Once the vote is running, you can vote on each option. Theres no restriction preventing users from voting on multiple options, as long as they have the coins, and there are no limits on the vote. To vote, click on an option, and you will be prompted to stake some coins.

A window pops up asking to stake coins, and shows our current balance. Since i have 1 coin, i will stake it on option 1.

The bot will confirm my selection.

From here you are in charge of ending the vote whenver you feel there has been enough participation. When ending the final results of the vote are tallied and displayed for everyone. Type /vote close, and select the active vote to close, or hit the close button on the vote management widget. The bot should show the results of the vote.

Thats the basics of voting, there are many other options to explore, so check out All Vote Commands.

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