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quiz create

Create a new quiz with up to 10 options. Specify a correct option. All options are randomized before presenting to user. Created quizzes are not shown to users until they are opened.

quiz import

Create quizzes in bulk from a CSV file. You must first create the file and upload it to the Realms bot. See Quiz File Format for more information. Options will be randomized before quiz creation, and correct answer will not always be the first one. After importing, all quizzes in the file will be in the "created" state, at which you control opening them individually.

You can also specify a custom delimiter if your file is not using commas as separators, if not specified, commas will be used. This is sometimes useful to change if you have values in your quiz which requires commas.

quiz open

Open a currently created quiz. Use this after creating a new quiz. This makes it visible to everyone and allows answering to begin.

quiz about

Select a past quiz to see details on it. Only you will see the result.

quiz close

Close an open quiz preventing from further answers and calculate the final results.

quiz show

Show the state of the quiz to the entire channel. Only available to admins.

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