Realms Command Overview

Realms Commands Overview

Finding Realm Commands

There are a lot of commands to use Realms, but you can search through most if you start with a slash / and then start typing. Here is an example of commands available for managing your realm:

All Commands

  1. /realm - Create and manage your realm. See full spec here.

  2. /coin - Gives you access to managing coins, seeing balances. See full spec here.

  3. /distribution - Allows you to create, configure and manage automatic coin distributions. See full spec here.

  4. /vote - Create and configure and manage new votes. See full spec here.

  5. /spy - Lets you log all realm activity to a different channel. See full spec here.

  6. /share - Generate a unique referral link to share realms with others. See full spec here.

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