Balance File Format

The format required to import currency balances

Example Format

Balance file format uses a comma separated value where you specify a discord username and a balance


In this example we set balances on 3 users:

  1. A user with the username discord_user_1 set to a balance of 100 coins.

  2. A user with the username discord_user_2 set to a balance of 0 coins.

  3. A user with the username discord_user_3 set to a balance of 10 coins.

Balance CSV Specification

User names can be specified as unique Discord names with or without a discriminator, or a Discord id as a number. When importing the file into balances, any names or ids not found will not be imported, and will generate a warning. Any names not specified in the file will not have their balances changed (if they already have balances in the realm).

Balances must be specified as number without a comma ",". Including commas in your numbers like "1,000" will cause issues with final balances.

Column NameFunctionColumn TypeRequiredDefault

Discord Account

The account whos balance you want to update

Discord username or ID



New Balance

The balance you want to set to

Decimal number



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