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How to permission Realms in your Discord server

Discord Docs

Discord has an overview of how permissioning works. This will control who has access to channels, as well as who can interact with bot commands and in what channels.

Overall Permissions - https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206029707-Setting-Up-Permissions-FAQ

Command Specific Permissions - https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/4644915651095-Command-Permissions

Restricting Realms

By default when you add the Realms bot, its available to everyone and all public channels. In some servers, you may want to isolate Realms to a few channels and not expose commands to all your users. This will walk you through the basics of accomplishing that.

Go to the top of your server on the left hand side, press the “V” next to the server name to open the drop down menu.

Go to Server Settings > Integrations, scroll down to “Bots and Apps” and select the Realms app from the list by clicking on the tile.

This will display all the permissions currently granted to the bot. Restricting permissions to tags and channels After reviewing the bot permissions as described above, scroll up the page to the heading “/ Command Permissions ”.

Here you find the “Roles & Members” as well as the “Channels” section. To enable realms in only specific channels or roles, remove the @everyone and # All channels by pressing the red X next to each. Click on “Add roles or members” or “Add channels”. Select the desired roles, members or channels, respectively, tick the box to the left, press “Add” at the bottom or “Cancel” if you change your mind.


Hopefully this guide gives you enough information to configure and customize access to Realms as much as you need for your community.

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